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GROW with Coach Manoj 

Let's embark on a journey to Co-Create the future...

About Me

About Me


Your Trusted Coaching Professional

Management / Information Technology professional by design and Coach by passion…

Since 2006, I’ve helped my teammates GROW by being a mentor/coach to them. As time progressed and as my team GREW, I GREW as well. I was appointed Director of a company in Pune. In 2019, I decided to move back to Mumbai and so I started re-writing my life story. Now I am closer to family and back into IT.

Over the years, I formally trained to be a Coach. I also did many courses to explore human psychology from an alternative perspective.

As it is said the journey begins with understanding Self, so, I learned Graphology (the art of reading handwriting)Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Drawing Analysis, Crystal therapy, Tarot, and so on. ​I was always interested in metaphysics so meditation was always a part of me, which enabled me to explore myself further on the track of mindfulness

During this duration, I also helped various businesses to help grow themselves and thus explored the world of Executive Coaching. Recently, I did Design Thinking from MIT Sloan and Gallup - Strength-based coaching certificate.

My coaching style reflects my varied experience and exposure which have made me who I am today. There is a lot more to talk about in terms of life experience, let's get on to a call to take that discussion further.

My Top 10 Gallup Strengths are as follows: 


Connectedness Relator | Strategic Adaptability | Learner Achiever Restorative Responsibility | Self-Assurance  

Our Services


Gallup - Strength Based Coaching

This is for people who want to:

  • Transform Great Potential Into Greater Performance.

  • Understand your Strengths Vs your Talent.

  • Identify your blind spots (challenge areas).

  • Building better relationships and teams.

  • Realizing that people have different strengths allows us to appreciate people and open door for communication which did not exist.

Whether you are a leader, coach, manager, or a growth-minded human, this will help you better understand your strengths communication, relationships, and teams.

You can run the Strengths-Based Development Programme for your team as well. The results are outstanding.

6x - as likely to be engaged in their jobs

6x - as likely to strongly agree that they have the opportunity to do what they do best every day

3x - as likely to report having an excellent quality of life

Click on Know More below to read more about the course.

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