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Free Coaching - Giving Back to Society

If you feel like you are ready to make some important changes in your life but are looking for a Coach who can guide you but you do not have the finance to hire them, read on...

Every month I will take two individuals for free coaching. Free coaching will include three forty-five minute sessions. The sessions will be ideally scheduled within the first two months of starting the engagement. The focus will be to make progress on a specific GOAL.

Do write to me if you want me to consider you for Free coaching. Your email should include what is your GOAL, your life situation, and how you believe coaching will help you achieve you GROW.


If you are selected for the offer I will contact you and have a follow-up session with yourself. Please note - there will be a qualification process as will happen with paid clients as well.


NOTE - This is ONLY for people who are not able to pay

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