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  • What does a Coach do?
    People look to life coaches as a way to be proactive about improving themselves. Society places a huge value on self-improvement. Almost every great athlete, celebrity, senior professional or businessman has a coach along side. A coach is a sounding board, a non-judgmental mirror who challenges you to think in a holistic manner and move ahead in life. Most of us have a predominant way of thinking and that is why we fail to see the other dimension and many times are not able to make progress. A coach will help you think through your approach. The choice will certainly be yours, but you would have thought through it in a more through manner. Fix an appointment for your free first free 45 minute session to better understand how a coach can help you and work with you to co-create your future.
  • How do I know I need a Coach?
    Here are some ways to identify if you need a coach. You are planning or in the midst of a major transition. You feel lost. You have a vision but no clear path You want to change your profession You want to improve your health You don't always follow through You are letting FEAR hold you back. You think you are not good enough. You have self-destructive habits You want to be more decisive You can't seem to focus You need better time management. If any of the above describes you, I would suggest you to fix an appointment for your first free 45 minute session to better understand how a coach can help you and work with you to co-create your future.
  • I have a coach now, so can I rest?"
    Congratulate yourself on having taken the right decision and getting a coach for yourself. But no - you cannot rest. Sure you can celebrate a little, but the hard work begins now. Coach cannot do the work for you, nor can a coach make decisions for you. That is something you got to do. But yes a Coach will help you think through your decisions in a holistic manner and constantly follow up with you so that you can achieve your GOAL. Your coach will bring in new dimension to your thinking and bring in a consistency which is missing.
  • Does Coaching need to be a LIFE time arrangement?
    Not really. A good coach will ideally work on your foundation so that you have a better understanding of yourself. Once you have understood yourself, it becomes very easy for you to think through your decision and take them to the next level. Once you have reached that, you can Thank your coach. It would still be a good idea to have a call once every quarter or once every six months, so that you are a call away from your Coach in case you need some assistance and the gap is not to huge for the Coach to catch up.
  • What should I expect in a Coaching session
    First free session - 45 minutes: The purpose of this session is as follows: For both the Coach and the Coachee to know each other better For the Coachee to clarify their objectives of hiring the coach and what has been stopping them for achieving the same. For the Coach to share their gound rules and share what the Coachee should expect from the Coach and what are the Coaches expectation from the Coachee The bottom line truth is you will have to do all the heavy lifting. If you like each other, it ends with you having your personal coach.
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